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Parents and Homework

Can you help me do my homework? If you are a parent, you have probably heard such a statement severally from your kids. Many kids say this when tired or not interested in the assigned homework topic. This feeling is natural considering that many students spend their days at school learning and completing class assignments.

Unfortunately, many parents force their kids to complete homework. In fact, many children do homework just to impress teachers and parents. Thus, they don’t like it yet they are forced to do it. When you consider all these facts, you realize that parents should not make their kids do homework for various reasons.

Why Parents Shouldn’t Make Kids Do Their Homework

Homework Does Not Inspire Learning
The reason your kid has a homework planner is to avoid trouble with teachers not because they like doing homework. Kids detest homework because it does not inspire them to learn. Children have flexible brains that change constantly as they get new information. However, there is a point where the provided information should be absorbed and turned into something more useful. That’s why instead of forcing kids to do homework, parents should allow them time to convert the absorbed information into something that’s more useful. Generally, kids are tired in the evening and they want to engage in something more exciting than schoolwork. When parents make kids do their homework, they stress them and make them hate schoolwork.

Learning Can Happen Even Away from a Table
Parents should realize that students do not learn only when seated around a table with a pen in the hind and a worksheet. Generally, children can learn anytime, anywhere. Childhood is naturally about learning. Kids learn whenever a question is asked and an answer is provided. Thus, parents should not box kids with worksheets that fail to ignite passion in them.

When a kid approaches you and say, help me with my homework, it’s because they want to complete it and engage in something that they find more exciting. So, instead of forcing kids to do homework, allow them time to engage in their favorite hobbies or play with their friends. You will realize that they will learn more while doing this.

No Educational Benefit
No scientific study has proven that schoolwork has academic benefits when done outside the school. Essentially, no research has brought evidence to prove that any homework amount enhances academic performance of kids in primary school. Thus, all the stress, tears, and time a child misses on their childhood experience doing homework doesn’t benefit them academically. This also explains why senior students seek statistics homework help as well as assistance in other subjects.

But, the fact that parents should not make kids do homework doesn’t mean they should not help them learn. There are several things that parents can do to make kids excited about and interested in learning. As a parent, make sure that your kid is excited about the discoveries that they can make when they learn. So, even if your kid is always seeking biology homework help, encourage them to learn and explore the world of academics.